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Types of Benarsi fabrics


    Indian tradition consists of many prominent variations. Among them, Fashion plays a quintessential role in our country. When we consider women dressing style, a uniqueness is observed that is sari and then comes the salwar kameez. Women from ancient days believe that saree adds beauty to them. Salwar suits are prevalent from Mughal times and relentlessly used till now and women adore them equally to saris. Saris and salwar kameez drapery can be observed in most places of the country. As, the region changes the raw materials used to produce the sarees and salwar kameez and their varieties will be diversified. But the admiration of Benarsi sarees and salwar suits is still persisting all over the world.

    On a primary note, Benaresi salwar suits and sarees are classified into four types depending on the fabric variety.

Benarsi Katan (Pure Silk)

     There is wide assortment of Varnasi sarees and salwar suit fabrics. Benarsi pure silk are considered to be the finest silk in the world. Also referred as Katan fabric, these lucrative and gorgeous sarees and salwar kameez emerges by weaving the twisted pure silk threads which complements with beautiful patterns and motifs.

Organza (Kora) with Zari and Silk

     Banarsi Organza sarees and salwar suits with zari and silk are very sheer, crisp garments which are strong and durable. The Organza with zari and silk fabric readily accepts and reflects strong, brilliant colors, which makes it exotic and stunning. The beautiful Brocades or zari are the most richly woven fabrics of Benarsi sarees and salwar suits, used for sarees and salwar suits. For Organza with zari brocade, silver threads are coated with gold and are then woven closely around a silk yarn.

Benarsi Georgette

     Benarsi Georgette fabric is light weight, comfortable, slightly dull finished and rough but these traits gives it a bouncy, flowing look. Georgette fabric is formerly made from silk and then rayon or rayon blends. Now georgette is often made of synthetic yarns. These inimitable georgette sarees and salwar suits are usually made in exotic solid colors and prints. The georgette fabric almost appears to move on its own due to its crepe like texture and springy nature and they crinkle as they relax due to its thin and highly twisted yarns. Georgette fabrics are unusually strong by which the attires have a long life.

Benarsi Shattir

     Shattir is another fabric which is used in creating exclusive, unique and contemporary designs of Banaras sarees and salwar kameez. Banaras weaving with designer works and patterns on a Shattir fabric will be inimitable, lustrous and classy wear in sarees and salwar suits. One more popular category of Benares fabrics at present is Benares Supernet.

Benares Supernet

     Benares Super net fabric is the mix of cotton and silk. Super net fabrics are widely used and appreciated for their attractive, shiny and gorgeous texture. Supernet salwar suits and sarees are long lasting, durable and sturdy. In Benares sarees and salwar suits fabric collections these supernet salwar kameez are elegant and classy.

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